Entering an address with Capture+ is simplicity itself

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Simple to use, simple to install

The next generation of address finders, Capture+ uses intelligent and faster searching to improve data accuracy and relevancy. Simply start typing a business name, address or ZIP Code and Capture+ will suggest results as you go.

A world of features installs in seconds

It only takes one simple drag-and-drop operation to include address capture functionality in existing websites. It really is that simple. Using a third-party application? No problem! We have integrations for many e-commerce, CRM and back-office applications. If you’re looking to integrate within a bespoke application our team will have you up-and-running in no time - at no additional cost.

...Not just for websites

Other applications for Capture+ include:

Registration forms

Registration forms

Boost web-to-lead forms with rapid address capture technology and increase registration rates.

E-commerce checkouts

E-commerce checkouts

Increase conversion rates by reducing drop-outs at checkout through lengthy forms.

Custom office applications

Custom office applications

Improve data accuracy and operator efficiency for back-office applications.

Simple integration into other applications

Deploy ready-to-use integrations on your chosen platform with no development. We’re always looking for new ways to use Capture+, so if you’ve developed an integration not listed here, we’d love to know about it!

Works in Salesforce


Limit data entry overhead for your sales force while increasing data accuracy.

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Works in MS Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Speedily and accurately capture domestic and international addresses in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Works in Magento


Keep customers smiling; Capture+ reduces missed deliveries caused by inaccurate address details.

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Works in MS Dynamics

Map showing data coverage

Where does the data come from?

At Postcode Anywhere we take a master international address dataset, which is provided by TomTom - the internationally recognized supplier of location-based data - and we supplement it with additional address data from some of the world’s major postal service providers.

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Trusted suppliers

Our data providers include USPS (United States Postal Service), the Royal Mail (UK), Canada Post and Universal Postal Union (UPU). Access to these data sets means that Capture+ can cover any addressing requirements you might have giving you maximum choice with simple, one-off pricing.

Our data suppliers

Next generation address capture

Explore some of the great features included within Capture+

Auto-complete addresses

Auto-complete as you type

Simply start typing a business name, an address or a postcode and Capture+ will suggest results as you type. Results are automatically filtered as you go to help you type less and to guide your search.

Search locally

Find addresses where you are

The Capture+ address finder will automatically find addresses in your location so you don't even have to do the searching. Just click on the crosshairs and let us do a search for you. Perfect for mobile users!

Favorite addresses

Set favorite addresses

Fed up of searching for your address on every site you use? Now any site that uses Capture+ will remember your favorite addresses so you can enter them quicker. No more searching for the same addresses over and over again.

Worldwide address data

Works across the world

Capture+ automatically detects the country the user is located in and tailors address look-ups to the appropriate country. By clicking on the flag in the bottom right of the control the country can be changed as required.

Easy set-up

Easy to set up

Capture+ is the fastest way to start using address validation on your website. You don't need any special development skills - you just need to copy and paste some automatically generated code and follow the wizard steps. It's that simple!

Usage graph

Check your usage

Gain a greater insight into usage of Capture+ through reports available online on the Postcode Anywhere website. Manage account settings, payment methods and usage restrictions.