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New features

Capture Plus features

With its simple drag-and-drop set-up, intelligent search methods and full international address coverage for 240 countries, Capture+ is the complete package for address verification.

Supports 240+ countries

Capture Plus country coverage

Capture+ returns custom country data and correct address label formats based on IP address, allowing international visitors to instantly locate and use their domestic address.


Capture Plus integration options

Address verification in your chosen platform. Add to your favorite checkout, sign-up form and CRM in minutes. Activate it within your account with no development or support costs.

Why use Capture+

  • 80% reduced keystrokes
  • Reduce cart abandonment
  • Improve customer service and avoid missed deliveries
  • Save one month's salary for every 10,000 addresses captured
  • No forced upgrades, contracts or hidden costs

Trusted by

Heinz Capgemini WSJ Pizza Hut Citibank British Airways

Time wasted before Postcode Anywhere's solution was fairly significant. Accurate address data, which would otherwise involve the intervention of our sales representatives, now goes into our billing system automatically. We've never looked back.

We’ve been so impressed with the quality of support received from your company. Excellent work, going over and beyond all expectations.

Postcode Anywhere is a specialist with very technical expertise. The business has proven itself to be exceptionally dependable, something which is reflected in its rapid growth and majority market share for online address auto-fill.

Key stats and data

10,000 Transactions per minute
40ms Time to complete a data transaction
99.999% Uptime for five years  
3.2M Online transactions per day
ISO 27001:2005 certified since 2010